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Tell Governor Newsom that the Board of Parole recommendation should be followed. Sirhan Sirhan has been a model prisoner for 5 decades. He is an old inmate (77 years old) and was a youthful offender at the time of the crime. California law is clear that parole must be the rule, not the exception – as long as Sirhan is not a danger to society now, he should be paroled.

Equally as pressing is the need for a new investigation. Time and history has allowed many to study the investigation and trial and see it for the unjust theater that it was. The conviction was based upon manipulated evidence, ignoring eye-witnesses, falsifying and changing witness statements in the official record, destruction of thousands of pieces of evidence and lying to the Jury.  A conviction that is pre-determined to obtain a false narrative of guilt is not justice.  It is a threat to the core basis of our democracy.

Sirhan will not be the last inmate to be convicted based on such unjust evidence, but this historical record can be corrected. For the sake of our American History, the truth of this case must be exposed.

We believe that Robert F. Kennedy, once the chief law enforcer of this Country, would want justice for Sirhan and that the actual killer to be identified.

We ask you to join us in seeking to correct history – Sign the Petition to Parole Sirhan and Call for a New and Independent Investigation:

Sign the Petition to Parole Sirhan