mission statement

The assassination of Senator Robert Francis Kennedy was the last in a line of devastating political murders that forever altered the course of our collective history.  Millions believed the final hope for a better world had been snuffed out, that an era that had begun with what seemed an abundance of hope was now forever ended.  The sense of tragedy was palpable, visible in the faces of the thousands who lined the tracks to watch the funerary train pass from New York to Washington.  The pain of unendurable loss was felt by all; none could feel it more poignantly than the Kennedy family itself.

We believe that Senator Kennedy’s legacy will not be honored until the truth of his assassination is exposed. From the moment eye-witnesses began speaking it became clear to millions that the narrative pushed by the authorities of a “lone gunman” did not add up.

It is critical in a Democracy that those in power do not abuse it. That cover-ups, witness intimidation, and falsifications by those sworn officers and elected officials are exposed; if they are not, what will prevent such injustices from happing again?

Our Mission:

To provide factual information about the Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy to raise public awareness and demand a New Investigation; To parole Sirhan Sirhan, who could not have possibly killed the Senator, yet remains in prison five decades later based on a conviction secured with false testimony and political expediency